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I am a wildlife photographer based in Swaziland, southern Africa. I also spend time in South Africa, Portugal and Spain as well as travelling further afield when I can.

I will be setting up galleries of wildlife photographs taken on my many safaris through Africa (South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia) as well as photos taken in various parts of Europe, especially southern Portugal and Spain. Wildlife from other parts of the world will also feature as I venture further afield (India, Seychelles, etc). For a number of years I specialised in photographing Leopards - hence the website name. I was fortunate to be able to follow several leopards in Sabi Sands for about 4 years - watching them hunting, mating, cubs growing up and having their own cubs.

Eventually I hope to add text elements in Portuguese. Initially this will be limited to species names. The aim of the site is to promote wildlife conservation through wildlife photography - especially in Africa and Portugal. I will be promoting interest in the wildlife of Portugal. To this end I will set up wildlife photo galleries and will be adding species checklists in English and Portuguese. I will be happy to set up links to websites that promotes Eco-Tourism, wildlife conservation or wildlife photography in Portugal, Africa or other parts of the world.

The Species List page now includes most of the Portuguese names for Amphibians and Reptiles.

The Species List page has been updated with a complete lists of the Butterflies (Borboletas) of Portugal. Unfortunately this list does not yet include the Portuguese names - only English and Scientific names. If anyone can email any of the Portguese Butterfly names to me I wou


Photographs published recently :

Autumn 2013 : Front Cover of Save the Rhino magazine (Hooklipped Rhino photographed at Lewa, Kenya) :

December 2013 : A selection of my mammals will soon appear on the American Society of Mammalogist's Mammal Image Library database of the world's mammal species.

December 2013 : A few of my mammal pictures (Mountain Reedbuck etc) appear in the newly released second edition of A Field guide to the Mammals of Botswana by Peter Comley & Jen Cowie :




ld be very grateful.

Photo Databases : A number of my wildlife photos have now been included on the Swaziland National Trust's Wildlife Databases e.g. Go to Birds and search under Photographer: Philip Perry. I also have some photos ion the following Databases: The Internet Bird Collection ; African Bird Image Database ; Some of my bird photos are also included on the new Roberts VII Multimedia iPhone Edition as well as the MultiMedia DVD version of Roberts.

My photo of a group of Blesboks silhouetted against Malolotja's mountains was Highly Commended in the Burrard Lucas Wildlife Competition.

My photo of a Lappetfaced Vulture attacking a Golden Jackal has just been selected as an 'Honourable Mention' in the Handbook of the Birds of the World's inaugural World Bird Photo Contest. A top 13 finish out of a field of 10,754. Very pleasing. The lappetfaced vulture had been sitting on a gnu carcass, keeping dozens of other vultures at bay (Ruppell's & Whitebackeds). When along came a golden jackal. He tried to take possession of the food source. But was immediately attacked by the lappetfaced. The vulture used a foot to squash the jackals hindquarters right down to the ground and threaten it with its massive beak. Quickly the jackal realised its gross misjudgement and then ran off at great speed into the far distance of Tanzania's serengeti.

Photos from 2011 trip to India : Including rare close up of Asiatic Wild Dog (Dhole) + Tigers ; Dec 2010: Latest Photos from Brazil : Unique and very rare photos of Mating Jaguars and lots of other fabulous wildlife from Brazil's Pantanal region of Mato Grosso.

Asiatic Wild DogThe rarely seen & little known Endangered Asiatic Wild Dog or Dhole - a social animal that lives in packs

Jaguars fighting just after mating

Added Value for Eco-Tourism : Wildlife Photography Hides/Blinds. I am convinced that many eco-tourist enterprises can add significantly to their income by building well positioned, well designed photographic hides/blinds. Wildlife photographers will be more than willing to pay for the use of hides that promise reliable, excellent views and photography opportunities of interesting species. To encourage this I have set up a section on this website (Hides and Blinds) giving more information on the subject. Long-term I hope to be able to create a database of hide designs and details of the locations of good photography hides.


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