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I am a wildlife photographer and spend time in Portugal. Part of the historic range of the now extinct Iberian Lynx. Happily there is a reintroduction program aimed at breeding lynx in capticity, from Spanish stock, and releasing them in the Portuguese countryside.

This site is dedicated to focussing attention on the plight of the Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus) (Portuguese: El lince-ibérico / Spanish: El lince ibérico). Its conservation status is 'Critically Endangered' and it is the world's rarest species of cat. It may already be extinct in Portugal. Down from around 3,000 cats in 1960, the total world population now stands at around 280 individuals that still cling to survival in Andalucia, Spain. Today the Iberian lynx is only known to breed in the Sierra Morena and Coto Doñana. A project is now in place to re-introduce the Iberian Lynx back to Portugal.

The aim of this website is to promote wildlife conservation and to assist efforts to save the Iberian lynx from the very real threat of extinction.

Iberia is also home to another extremely rare animal, the Spanish Imperial eagle (Aquila adalberti). Its conservation status is 'Vulnerable' and it is the rarest eagle in Europe. The Spanish Imperial eagle also has its stronghold in parts of Andalucia where the Iberian lynx can still be found, though the eagleis also found further afield in Spain's Sierras. Today there are between 300 and 400 Spanish Imperial eagles left. Both the Iberian lynx and the Spanish Imperial eagle feed predominantly in rabbits. So the fates of both these threatened species are linked in a number of ways.

I will be happy to set up links to websites that promote conservation of the Iberian lynx or the Spanish Imperial eagle. Or any website that encourages wildlife conservation or Eco-tourism in the Iberian peninsula (Portugal and Spain).

I have visited the Sierra de Andujar in Andalucia, though sadly did not manage to see any lynxes. I have posted a few photographs of the lynx's habitat as well as picture of road signs about lynx conservation in the Parque Natural. See: Sierra de Andujar

I have also now set up a trail camera project in Portugal to try to photograph an Iberian Lynx.


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